Stream Productions | Making Change Through Media
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We strive to create change through media by bringing awareness to environmental and social sustainability issues across the globe. Some call us a Changency. Some call us a Movement through Media Organization.

We are creators, storytellers, and educators determined to make the world a better place. That is why we do what we do. We aim to design unique campaigns that bring awareness to environmental problems by illustrating negative environmental impacts and advocating solutions to these problems. Currently, we communicate our campaigns via comedic films, and photos presented on a multitude of online platforms. But who knows what the future has in store? Perhaps one day we will be showcasing our films through the lenses of VR goggles in a parallel universe.

We don’t create solutions, you do. We help you communicate and reach the people in your selected target demographic.


Over the past few months, we took on the challenge of addressing environmental issues surrounding littering, poor camping practices, and climate change.  To get a glimpse at how we view these hot topics, please take a gander at our work below.


Meet the Team

Initially meeting in a project course in SFU’s Business of Design program, our team quickly realized we were the perfect team to tackle communicating complex ideas. And thus, Stream Productions was born. Our team comes from all walks of life. With backgrounds in business, design, communications, cinematography, acting, and hair and makeup, our unique combination of people provides us with the ability to carry out our creative vision.
Rianna Fiorante
Director / Writer / Actor

Rianna concentrates in Marketing at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, and is also pursuing a minor in Interactive Arts and Technology and a Certificate in Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability. She specializes in writing content for our films, directing them and acting in them. With her years of experience acting in theatre and writing skits, and her background in environmental and sustainability studies, she brings these skills to Stream Productions.

Jay Tseng
Director / Cinematographer

Jay is a filmmaker, designer, and educator with 6 years experience in filmmaking having producing short films, advertisements, and a short travel web series. He is currently studying user experience design while simultaneously being a teaching assistant for the introduction to filmmaking course at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. In his work, Jay strives to create products that resonates with audiences through engaging, creative, and innovative experiences.

Shania Brown
Ext. Relation / Marketing / Actor

Shania is a fourth year Marketing student at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, and minoring in Interactive Arts and Technology. She enhances STREAM Productions narrative productions through her clever content writing, organization abilities, production skills, and promotional experience from past and current workplaces. Accompanied by these skills, she bring a passion for reducing negative environmental impacts and promoting sustainability within the community.

Adrienne Ross
Director / Writer / Hair & Makeup

Adrienne is a student in her third year at Simon Fraser University. Majoring in Communications with double minors in Publishing and Interactive Arts and Technology allows her to combine all the areas she loves into her school and work. Her background in performance, both on-screen and theatrical, and in visual arts makes film production and media content creation a natural fit.

Vicky Leung
Costume & Makeup / Production Assistant

Vicky is a third year Business student studying Marketing, Human Resources, and Management Information Systems. She is a passionate storyteller and creative writer, challenging the norms of literary boundaries. She brings her boundless creativity to help Stream Productions create compelling narratives.

Loraya Hrynkiw
Ext. Relation / Actor / Writer

Loraya is a fourth year student at SFU Beedie School of Business concentrating in Marketing and pursuing a minor in Interactive Arts and Technology. Loraya has extensive experience in film production and performance having graduated from Langley Fine Arts Secondary as a drama major. She is very passionate about storytelling in advertising and entertainment. She has created many successful promotional materials for her past and current workplaces.